Dear Minister Besson [open letter]

It has been a shock to land in Paris for the event you have organized: “New World 2.0: Concretizing the Internet of the Future.” I would like to thank you and your staff for the opportunity to be there, it was a really exciting and interesting event.

It has been a great surprise to see you –  Minister of Industry, Energy and Digital Economy – personally moderating a panel with a dozen young bloggers and journalists from Tunisia and Morocco. Learning directly from people like Emna Ben Jemaa about the disruptive force that has liberated those countries and communities, who now hope for much better future. It was refreshing to feel the power of the Internet, the only real guarantee of things like freedom of communication and speech. Indeed fundamental right, because can liberate people from oppression and false media. Today people are not isolated anymore, and can reach out to millions.

It impressive to learn that France has put together a Ministry like yours, so strategic these days. Energy, Industry, Digital Economy. I must admit I didn’t even know it existed in the heart of Europe a Minister of the Internet economy. Nevertheless is should be obvious considering that it generates 5% of your gross product and large parte of the growth in your economy. Originates new companies that in a matter of few years have hundreds of millions of revenues, thousands of workers, mainly young people.

It was a shock to see you staying for all the two days, engaged actively in every single session. Considering your job, you must be a pretty busy guy these days, and again, it was just unbelievable for me to see a Minister partecipating to an event from the opening to the end.

But the real shock was to land in Milano Malpensa and just realize that, there was no reason for me to be so surprised about all of this. This should be normal, this should be how things are. A Minister that knows what he is talking about and tries to connect with the real society and the real problems. Well it’s not so normal down here.

Truly yours,

Gianluca Dettori



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