Big VC event coming up in Milano

Kultur Convivio (VC Edition) is coming up in Milano: November 24th from 10 am to 6 pm.

30+ venture capitalists from all over Europe: Italy but also France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Ireland and Switzerlan. More than one billion euro under management in venture capital. We will connect and share our point of view on what’s going on in the Italian ecosystem, a market with high potential and lack of capital.

Here is the list of who will be there. The event will be at Sala Teatro Liberty “Il Treno”, via San Gregorio 46, a couple of blocs from Milano Centrale, the main railway station.

Christoph Braun
Managing Partner, ACTON CAPITAL PARTNERS, GermanyRolf Mathies
Managing Partner, EARLYBIRD, Germany

Andreas Haug

Jörg Binnenbrücker
Managing Director, DUMONT VENTURE, Germany

Lukasz Gadowski
Managing Partner, TEAMEUROPE, Germany

Martin Weber
Managing Partner, HOLTZBRINCK VENTURES, Germany

Pierre de Fouquet
Managing Partner, IRIS CAPITAL, France

Philippe Collombel
Managing Partner, PARTECH INTERNATIONAL, France

Marie Christine Levet
Managing Partner, JAINA CAPITAL, France

Bernard-Louis Roques
Managing Partner, TRUFFLE CAPITAL, France

Marc Fournier
Managing Partner, SERENA CAPITAL, FrancePaolo Gesess
Managing Partner, JUPITER VENTURES, Italy

Henri de Bodinat
Managing Partner, TIME EQUITY PARTNERS, France

Daniel Cohen
Managing Partner, GEMINI ISRAEL FUNDS, Israel

Alon Lifshitz
Venture Partner, BLUMBERG CAPITAL, Israel

Yahal Zilka
Managing Partner, MAGMA VENTURE PARTNERS, Israel

Fausto Boni
Managing Partner, 360 CAPITAL PARTNERS, Italy / France

Andrea Di Camillo
Managing Partner, QUANTICA, Italy

Michael Burnett
Partner, INNOGEST, Italy

Pietro Bezza
Managing Partner, CONNECT DIGITAL VENTURES, Italy / UK

Michele Novelli
Managing Partner, EARLYBIRD ITALY, Italy

Christopher Pommerening
Managing Partner, ACTIVE VENTURE PARTNERS, SpainJozsef Kover
Partner, 3TS CAPITAL PARTNERS, Hungary

Tony Zappalà
Principal, INDEX VENTURES, Switzerland

Oliver Beste
Managing Partner, FOUNDERSLINK, Germany

Sandrine Murcia
Chairwoman, SILICON SENTIER, France

Enrico Gasperini
Managing Partner, DIGITAL MAGICS, Italy

Terence Bowden

Pawel Chudzinski
Managing Partner, POINT NINE CAPITAL, Germany

Gianluca Dettori
Managing Partner, DPIXEL, Italy

Jason Whitmire
Managing Partner, EARLYBIRD, Germany


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