The island of towers

I often talk to my foreign friends about Sardinia and how beautiful and peculiar it is. Sardinia is mostly famous for its amazing beaches, but inside the islands and up in the mountains that it’s possible to discover really incredible things, stories and people.

Among them, the Nuraghe are one. There are thousands of these towers (not clear really how they were used and for what) spread out all over the island, they were build about 4000 years ago, by a misterious population, the Nuragic civilization.

They were certainly very advanced for the times, and the only things found about them besides the Nurage, are small bronze statues that reveal quite a bit about how they used to dress (pretty amazing… they look sometimes like aliens) and live.

This drone-filmed movie shows some spectacular images about it (unfortunately the audio is in Italian). Enjoy and come visit this great land.


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