The mafia beaten up by coronavirus

We’ve been under a lockdown for one month here in Milano. Schools closed, shops except groceries and phamacies shut down. All public events postponed (among which soccer and other sports events) and likewise public places such as movies, museums, even churches. Last week measures for Milano were extended to all of Italy.

There are many side effects to this event, some are good stories like the one about 3D printed spare parts for respirators.

Things are hard for everybody, including those from the mafia. Four days ago, Cesare Antonio Cordì, a major ‘ndrangheta boss from Locri, Calabria was arrested because of the coronavirus side effects.

Cordì, 42 years old, son of Antonio called “u ragioneri” (“the accountant”) had been hiding from police since being charged with several crimes last year, mainly related to the ‘pizzo business’ which is the crime of imposing payments to local business for being able to conduct their activity.

The police stopped one man going around town that claimed to be bringing food and supplies to a friend. However they were not fully convinced about explanations, followed the guy and during the same night they watched after the suspected house, that was know for not being used by anybody for years. They noticed somebody smoking a sigarette behind the curtains in the dark and quickly organized the capture operations.

The area was locked down and police conducted the raid. Mr. Cordì was captured while trying to escape from the back door and brought to jail.





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