An army of Italian 3D makers is building 10.000 respirators from snorkeling masks right now!

After the positive testing on the hacked respirators based on snorkeling gear,  a massive movement of Italian makers coordinated by Massimo Temporelli and Isinnova is moving and scaling the project.

An army of innovators has registered to produce the respirators based on the Isinnova specs. Decathlon has donated 10.000 snorkeling masks (we love you guys!) that are being shipped to a list of 3D makers with the proper equipment that are building the hack and delivering the respirators to local hospitals in their own towns.

The number of people recovered in hospitals is still growing fast but what’s most worrying is that it’s is not the northern regions anymore, the virus has spread all over the country in remote regions and in the South, often less equipped and less prepared to manage the crisis.  In the next weeks we might see a massive amount of people with respiratory problems in need of oxygen and this could relief a lot of them saving thousands of lives.

Anybody that wants to enroll in this digital war can do it here. Come on, we need you!





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